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FWT energy GmbH & Co. KG

FWT energy groupe is focused on trade, service and production

FWT energy groupe focuses on the European onshore wind energy market with business segments for trade, service and production. Thanks to the good cooperation and close interconnection of the three divisions, we are able to provide a comprehensive, individual service for operators of wind turbines and wind farms.

FWT Service is synonymous with high-quality, multi-vendor maintenance and service for wind turbines. We support you with well-thought-out solutions and allow you to achieve the highest yield by optimising your wind turbines.

FWT Trade takes care of the procurement and disposition of components for FWT wind turbines as well as for licensees of the German engineering firm W2E and for third-party installations. Reliably and efficiently, they provide worldwide support in the supply chain management for wind turbines.

FWT Production is the division responsible for the manufacture of multi-megawatt turbines. At present, the FWT plant in Waigandshain/Germany manufactures three models of wind turbine: FWT 2000, FWT 2500 and FWT 3000.

The FWT 3000 is a new generation of high-yield wind turbines in the 3 MW class. This model was developed specifically for the growing market of medium and low wind sites. The Winergy HybridDrive combines a two-stage gearbox and a medium-speed synchronous generator, allowing a compact nacelle with a weight of almost 105 tons. The 120-metre rotor and hub heights of up to 140 metres deliver a good yield of energy even in low wind conditions and at sites with complex topography.

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SIMPACK is a general Multi-Body Simulation Software which enables designers and engineers to simulate the non-linear motion of any mechanical or mechatronic systems, ranging from single components through to complete systems (e.g. wind turbines, railway vehicles, and high performance Formula 1 engines). SIMPACK is used by wind turbine manufacturers, designers and certification bodies throughout the world.

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